Life Of Autumn

Go Away Lower Belly!

Hey y’all. Just a quick post for you. I know people get really irritated with the fact that their lower belly or “pooch” won’t go away. Let me just make this clear… sit ups and crunches won’t make it banish! Your abs are made in the KITCHEN! Before you can get the abs you want in the gym, you have to eat properly. Stop consuming a lot of alcohol, salt and just junk food in general. Pull out the vegetables, fruits and all natural grains. Meat is fine, in moderation of course! Cut out the junk food and alcohol and you will watch that belly shrink! After you cut out the garbage then you will see results in the gym. I only do abs twice a week! The kitchen will make them show, don’t stress the gym part! Hope that helps!

Lots of love, Autumn :)

What Is Beautiful?

Hello there everyone! Lately I’ve had a lot on my mind. I’ve discussed this topic with friends and strangers and I just wanted to chat a little bit about the topic with you! 

What is beautiful? Now the topic didn’t come up automatically, it was born from another subject we were discussing but being beautiful really sparked up a huge conversation! I was told that being beautiful meant that your hair is on point, nice eyebrows, white teeth, clear skin etc. and I was just completely confused as to why looks were the first thing people thought were beautiful. I do think looks can also make you beautiful but it shouldn’t be the most important thing!

Now, let me tell you what I think is beautiful! I think your personality makes you extremely attractive! I really do wish people could stop focusing on peoples looks and just start paying attention to their heart. Intelligence is beautiful. Kindness is beautiful. Generosity is beautiful. Having a sense of humor is beautiful. Being loving makes you beautiful. There are a lot more things I consider amazing and beautiful but those are just some.

Lets all just try to look past outer appearance and look at who people are in the inside. I can’t say that I haven’t judged people or payed close attention to their looks because I have. I realized it made me very ugly and I immediately started to change my ways. I might be more quiet and reserved now to some people but to me, I’m just trying to get to know a person for who they are instead of looking at their appearance. 


Love you all, Autumn :)

Workout Motivation

Hello lovelies. Lately I’ve been getting a ton of questions on how to make working out more interesting, well I’m going to tell you. Here are my tips!

1)Nice gym gear- I feel super motivated to hit the gym or even work out at home when I have on clean, stretchy and BRIGHT gym clothes. Makes you feel better about yourself before you even start!

2)Breakfast- I love to eat a full and bright breakfast. When I say bright I mean that it should have a variety of fruits and by full I think there should be something hearty included like oatmeal, bread etc.

3)Playlist- Music is super important to me in order to stay focused at the gym or home. Make sure your songs are energetic! A slow love song will most likely kill your mood and your pump.

4)Planning- Making sure your workout is planned is a must. Every day of the week (for me) has a different muscle groups and on weekends it is straight cardio. Write out what workouts you want to do at the gym according to your goals and make sure that they are met every day! Don’t slack! A schedule will keep you on track!

Well those are my tips! I hope y’all learned a little something if you needed some extra motivation. Have any more questions? Write to me, don’t be scared!

xoxo, Autumn


  • Hello! Sorry I've been so busy with everything I have going on lately. I'm back on my blog grind, don't worry! Anyways I have learned a lot of new things and I have really been working hard on my physique. I have a lot of information to share. Ask questions, send me mail. I love to chat and exchange tips. Don't be scared. Glad I'm back. Missed tumblr!