Guess who’s back?!

Hello there darlings! I am back after a long break. I have missed tumblr :) my life has been quite hectic. I’ve changed career paths. I’ve been working my butt off. Also, my sweetheart has left for Afghanistan :( I definitely made sure he received a lot of attention before he left. Now it’s time for me to get back to business. I hope y’all enjoy my future posts. Thank you for staying with me :) ttyl!


Hello lovelies! I just wanted to come to you today with an idea. I was wondering would everyone like it if I started uploading high quality workout videos, progress pictures and gym gear? I am very passionate about getting this started and having my tips and tricks reach people. If you want this please like,inbox me, reblog etc. If enough people seem to like the idea I will get it started ASAP! LET ME KNOWWWW

xoxo, Autumn :)

How To Start Working Out!

Hello there lovelies! Back on the blog. It seems like people never know where to begin when they decided to start working out. I am here to help! Let us begin!

- First, figure out your goals! Do you want to just tone? Build a lot of muscle? Do you want to join fitness competitions?! Figure that out and then write all of your fitness goals down.


-Pick your gym gear. I like my gear to be fitted. I don’t like air coming into my clothes and all that jazz. So during warmer weather I’ll wear a sports bra and compression/running short, because I’ll get hot. During the colder months I’ll wear a tank and fit compression capris or the leggings. 

-Find a gym or workout at home!! I do both. I usually like to do light weight exercises because I only want to tone up, not have a very defined look but I will up my weight. I like the challenge. As a bikini model, I don’t need to but I love to be strong and so I lift heavy for fun! You do not need a gym membership though. You can get fit in the comfort of your own home. Plus stores like Wal-Mart and target sell gym supplies. You can create your own little gym! Look for exercises for the body that you want.

-Stay focused! If you slack you will not see results. Remember why you started! You’ll be happy. Don’t look too hard for progress either. Give it your all. You will not see results in a week. Be patient. Have fun!

Hope you enjoyed! Come back for more.

xoxo, Autumn :)

Fitness Trends??

Hello lovelies! I have really been hearing a lot about fitness trends lately. Like, one of the trends is to look extremely curvy with a tiny stomach or be lean all around like a VS Angel. I honestly don’t like the trends at all. It annoys me when people try to create a figure that they don’t actually have genetically.

In my opinion, I think you should just work on the figure that you were BORN with. I have said this probably a million times but I am naturally skinny. I have never had excessive weight on me or had shifty weight. I am getting fit not to build a new body but because exercise is important and to tone up what I already have :) These days half of the fitness worlds goals is to gain a body they they don’t actually have. I don’t like the idea of altering your body to like like someone else.

Bottom line? ACCEPT WHAT YOU HAVE!! You cannot change genetics. Stop trying to be someone that you’re not and love who you are and what God gave you. We are all different. We weren’t made to be like anyone else. If we would all learn to just “do us” and stop paying so much attention to others, we’d be happier!

Thanks for reading! Come back for more!

xoxo Autumn :)